JK Sucralose

JK Sucralose Inc. is located in the Economic Development Area of Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, the largest professional sucralose manufacturer in China and the second largest one in the world; Designed long-term annual capacity of 12,000 tons; JK has sets marketing and sales headquarters in Shanghai, and has presence in US, Europe, Japan and India in the form of specialized direct-sales branches.


JK Sucralose Inc is the first sucralose manufacturer which invested by a public company and has the largest capacity approved by Chinese government; JK Sucralose Inc is the first company that voluntarily joined the American ITC..


JK SucraloseJK SucraloseJK Sucralose
JK Sucralose

Our Capacity

JK Sucralose Inc is the first company equipped with designed long-term annual capacity of 12,000 tons facility. JK is the only sucralose company that had government's approval for scheduled 12,000-tons production capacity expansion. JK Sucralose Inc is the second largest sucralose manufacturer in the world.

Our Quality

JK's production is controlled under cGMP,HACCP,ISO9001:2008,ISO22000: 2005, ISO14001:2004 OHSAS18001:2007,Sedex,Badatz Kosher and MUI Halal to guarantee quality.The Whole Process Control. PDCA Circle to ensure continuous improvement.

Our Patents

ITC Judge Initial Determination

Concluded JK Sucralose Inc. Does Not Infringe Tate & Lyle's Asserted Patents. Jiangsu, China, Sep 22, 2008:  JK Sucralose Inc.—one of the largest global sucralose manufacturers—made the following statement concerning the ...

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